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Perhaps you might have been have read about the comparison between 2014 Honda pilot and its competitors. This article will give you some more highlights on the advantages of 2014 Honda pilot over the 2014 Toyota highlander. This will assist you in getting information about the two models. In fact, it will enable you to choose the best car for you.

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The two models are suitable for parents who have more than two children. This is because both vehicles have three rows of seats. Therefore, it can accommodate a maximum of 8 people. Both models are comfortable, well equipped and safe for the families. The above features make it significant for families. Hence you can adore the two models. However, 2014 Honda is the best vehicle for your driving dynamics is important. This is unsurprised segment which best suits a family. As compared to the 2014 Toyota, you will enjoy the 2014 pilot Honda since it is easier to drive. In addition, the vehicle is much clearer.

The interior design of the models

Interior of Toyota:

Interior and exterior of Honda:

Both models have a wide design which will allow easy entry. Nevertheless, there is enough height even for tall passengers. In the third row of seats, the models have enough rooms. The slight advantage which we can give to the Toyota is that it has a bench in the second row of seats. The bench is used for hide-away middle seat stows which can allow a person to walk through so as to access the third row of the Toyota.

Another feature which the models have is that they are well equipped with electronic aids. This will assist in smoothening as well as fitting it with a DVD entertainment; Bluetooth hands free calling connectivity, power tailgate, luxury features, USB port, and Bluetooth streaming audio.

Exterior and Interior Walkaround – 2013 New York Auto Show :

The vehicle’s engine

Honda Pilot Video Review:

The 2014 Honda has a three row crossover engine which can receive a brand new 3.5 liter v6 earth dreams. Moreover, the model is redesign to be the best for 2014. The power of the Honda is predicted to be 265 pound feet torsion, 310 power unit and a ctv which is an additional part of the program. The hybrid version of the 2014 honda is 1.6 liter diesel engine with a horse power of 220.

The other vehicle (Toyota highlander) has a standard engine of 2.7L 14. This is an engine which develops 187 horse powers. Nevertheless, it has a power to the front wheels which is through a six speed automatic transmission. You will go for the v6 model of the Toyota if you want a Toyota which will drive the four wheels.

The value of the vehicles


When you compare the values of the Toyota and the Honda, the Toyota becomes the best. This is because it is slightly affordable. Toyota has a starting MSRP of $29,020 while the Honda has a beginning MSRP of $29,670. Apart from its value, Toyota also has charlotte offers. In fact, it has emerged to be an overall winner for two years in a row.

In conclusion, you can go for any of the two vehicles since they both have high value. By reading the features of the vehicles highlighted, you will realize that Honda 2014 emerges the best, but we are fans of Highlander… and we recommended this car! icon smile

Highlander Video Review:


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