2014 Toyota highlander release date

Everyone want to know 2014 Toyota highlander release date and probably price!
Car lovers gradually update their car models with new models as many cars are launched every year. If you have money then changing car model frequently is not a big issue. Some extra money will be required for up gradation of your car model. Successful car series continue their models to be updated at some regular intervals like annually to please the lovers of that series. Many persons loved to remain stuck with their favorite car manufacturers and only willing to buy their authentic and reputable cars. Several famous car manufacturers are present worldwide which are serving a lot of people.

Update January 2014.
Highlander is now here, visit: http://www.toyota.com/highlander/

2014 Toyota Highlander side view photo 610x266

Toyota highlander is made on the platform of the famous Toyota Camry that is proved globally its awesome functioning. It is basically a midsize SUV crossover to accomplish many goals in the most handsome manner of the buyer. It is claimed by the manufacturer that the buyer of this car will never be disappointed in any manner as the car has amazing set of features that you find nowhere in the claimed price. What else a person wants in reasonable money. A stylish car with a good space and look is the main point of attraction for buyers.

2014 toyota highlander limited awd photo sideview

The car has launched a series of cars which are divided into two generations. Both the generations have brought the best cars and features at their launched time. You find something new and different in each and every new model of this car. Technology is very much enhanced during the two generation cars. Toyota’s main aim is to bring something more attraction grabbing in each new model with the unique set of characteristics to please Toyota lovers and to keep them again stuck with this Toyota brand. Toyota is considered as one of the most reliable car manufacturers throughout the world so you can trust them without any fear and hesitation in your mind.

2014 toyota highlander limited awd interior

This car was first seen in 2000 and since now you are watching its new models. Thirteen years of its life proves that this car has won people’s heart and this is the reason of continuation of this car series to make their lovers happy and contented. While making of this car complete eye is kept on the safety features to ensure a secure drive to the driver and passengers. For this purpose such features are added that contribute in its complete safety. Attraction pulling features are also added to increase the beauty of this car to satisfy aesthetic sense of its buyers.

2014 Toyota highlander release date and price

2014 Toyota highlander release date is not revealed yet but it is expected that you will be able to buy this car in the early 2014. Many people are eagerly waiting for the new model so that they add more style and comfort in their life. So be happy if you are a Toyota highlander lover as few months patience will take you to this amazing 2014 Toyota highlander model. The best possible car you can get in the most reasonable price. So get ready to open new doors of car technology in your life.

Official: http://www.toyota.com/upcoming-vehicles/highlander.html
Photo and info: http://www.caranddriver.com/news/2014-toyota-highlander-photos-and-info-news

Review Exterior & Interior

2014 Toyota Highlander Limited Presentation and Walkaround

Toyota highlander hybrid

Compare: http://www.toyota.com/highlander/features.html#!/exterior/6942/6951/6954/6966

Hybrid lovers will be pleased to know that now this car is also available in Toyota highlander hybrid version. The car is designed on the frame of Toyota Camry which ensures its toughness and reliability. Seven to eight passengers seating facilities are available in this car so perfect for big families.

Traveling is now fun in this car as many entertainment features are included in it to make your journey an entertaining one. Traveling long routes is no more tension as you have many option of entertainment in this car. Small television can also add individually to increase the level of entertainment while traveling.

Several safety measures are added in the car for the purpose of safety while traveling which includes navigation system and rear view camera. Air bags are given with each passenger seat to ensure prevention of any loss in case of any accident. You are free to make your traveling with great peace of mind with these amazing safety measures. Lane departure warning system, blind-spot, parking sensors and bigger windows on the rear side are provided for the assistance of driver. Interior and exterior both are contributing in its impressive look. This is one of the must buy car and your money is best spent here.

Price Range

img post budget 610x405

The price of 2014 Toyota Highlander is revealed for its lovers so that they can make their mind for buying it. It is expected that the car will be available between 29,000 to 48,000 dollars all dependent upon the version you want to buy. Hybrid models are naturally more expensive than the conventional gasoline engine models but fuel economy is excellent in hybrid models that give no extra burden in terms of fuel on your pocket. So buy the one that suits your pocket range and experience one of the best cars of the world.

Prices 606x610

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